Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swamp People At It's Core Guist Brothers Glenn and Mitchell

Glenn and Mitchell Guist have more fun than all of the Swamp People cast put together. While everyone else is pushing to fill their tags before the end of the one month September alligator season in Louisiana, the Guist Brothers are fishing for gar, hunting for rabbit, throwing back a cold one, and cracking jokes. Or is it giggling? Chortling? Whatever they are doing, it is pretty humorous and they sure make it a true joy to watch. Is it possible to have as much fun as they do and being siblings at that?
You might not guess it by looking at them, but the Guists have been in the swamp all their lives, never mind I'm sure by looking at them you could tell that already. They live in the house on Conway Bayou that used to be their grandparent’s place, right on the spot where their father taught them to live off the land, literally. All of the alligator hunters on Swamp People talk about living off the land, but Glenn and Mitchell take that to a whole new level.

While segments of Swamp People are devoted to other alligator hunters like Troy Landry, Junior, or RJ Molinere are often framed by sequences featuring normal looking homes or a local bar that they might stop by after a long day on the swamp, that is not at all how the Guist brothers are portrayed. Instead, we see them digging through an old freezer, finding that it is practically empty, and deciding to wander the woods all afternoon looking for a rabbit or whatever pops up, to shoot for their dinner.

In another episode, they go fishing for alligator gar when they get hungry, and then show us how to cook up gar patties for a perfect swamp people approved meal.
On the latest episode we see them catching 100 pounds of catfish (yeah you read that right) for a dinner they plan to cook up for family and friends. In the same episode we also see their engine on their boat die 4 miles from home so they are stuck rowing home with one paddle, but that never seemed to dampen their spirits, they just go about being themselves and giggle and go about getting home the old fashioned way, with hard labor and determination.

So, the Guist daily schedule looks a little something like this : lounge about, get hungry, go kill something, cook it, eat it, drink a beer, lounge some more. If we are to take the History Channels word for it, the other alligator hunters might make a living off the land, but the Guist brothers really LIVE off it in every way they possibly can.

In some of their photos, Glenn and Mitchell can be seen wearing “Alexander Concrete” work shirts, so we guess they must go into town for work every now and then, but we don’t mind the show focusing on their life in the woods. We like the Guists in their natural habitat. And we like to think about them rambling into the concrete company every now and then just because they’re in the mood.

After all, Guists just want to have fun! True brothers to the end and even truer Swamp People!

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Troy Landry Fans!!!

If you have been waiting to get the chance to meet and greet the Troy Landry team you are in luck! According to their website they have several close approaching opportunities to meet with them.

So now is your chance to be able to get an autograph and hear his famous "choot em!" catch phrase in person.

Below is a list of their upcoming meet and greet dates. If you get a chance to go and meet them on any of the dates below come back to my blog and share with readers your experience with Troy Landry and pictures don't hurt either ;-)...


July 8th
Big River Food & Fuel #11
1008 South Burnside Avenue
Gonzales, Louisiana
Join Troy and Jacob Landry to meet, greet and get their autographs at Big River Food & Fuel in Gonzales, Louisiana from 12 to 4 pm.

July 8th
Celebrity/Sorta Celebrity Softball Game
Cypress Mounds Complex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Join Troy Landry and a cast of other celebrities at the "Celebrity/Sorta Celebrity Softball Game" benifiting "Support Our War Heroes" and "The Blue Star Mothers of Louisiana" charities at 6:30 pm.

July 16th
Bass Pro Shop
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Join Troy Landry to meet, greet and get his autograph at Bass Pro Shop in
Denham Springs, Louisiana.

July 29th
Simmons Sporting Goods
Bastrop, Louisiana
Join Troy and Jacob Landry to meet, greet and get their autographs at Simmons Sporting Goods in Bossier City, Louisiana

July 30th
Lafayette Outdoor Expo
Lafayette, Louisiana
Join Troy Landry to meet, greet and get his autograph at the Lafayette Outdoor Expo in Lafayette, Louisiana.

August 6 & 7th
Gander Mountain
Lakeville, Minnesota
Join Troy and Jacob Landry to meet, greet and get their autographs at Gander Mountain in Lakeville, Minnesota.

August 13 & 14th
Gander Mountain
Madison, Wisconsin
Join Troy and Jacob Landry to meet, greet and get their autographs at Gander Mountain in Madison, Wisconsin.

August 19- 21st
Buckmasters Expo
Montgomery Convention Center
Montgomery, Alabama
Join Troy and Jacob Landry to meet, greet and get their autographs at the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery, Alabama.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who is watching now?

Have you watched tonight episode or are you currently catching it on the History Channel... If so share your thoughts and favorite parts of what you saw tonight. After another great episode tonight its hard to find any flaws. Swamp People always leaves you wanting more in a good way.

Although these men may not work in corporate America, or wear ties and suits, although their menus may vary for most one thing is true. These men have more balls then most! Put Fabio on a boat with an alligator and lets see how he does. :) Hint to History, put a newbie out there who is totally out of his realm. That would be some good entertainmnt!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Episode tonight everyone! Are you ready?

It's Personal:

Liz Cavalier has been a solid helper on Troy Landry's boat, but with the season more than halfway done, Liz wants to prove to her boss that she's more. Armed with years of experience captaining her own boat, she decides to step up, offering some of her own hunting ideas to Troy. Junior Edwards has trusted his son Willie with more responsibility. Today, Willie heads out on his own once again, and this time, he's hunting solo. He's on the lookout for the big gator that will make his reputation...but tracking it down won't be an easy task. When R.J. and Jay Paul's lines come under attack by a vicious cannibal gator, it becomes a personal challenge. R.J. will need to use every trick he's got to catch this menace before it stalls his season. An infestation of feral hogs is plaguing Southern Louisiana, and one large hog is encroaching on Terral's property. Feral hogs will charge humans on site--so Terral hopes to take care of the problem before someone gets hurt.

If you would like to view a sneak peak of the episode you can do so by visiting History Channel's Facebook page.

Enjoy tonights episode everyone, I'm excited!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

No New Episodes Tonight....

Nothing new on tonight, unfortunately.:-( Just reruns from the weeks before, but if you are anything like me you still watched. Some Swamp People is better then none at all, am I right?

So if you watched tonights reruns what did you think of the episodes and who is ready for some new episodes of Swamp People? I know I sure am!